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Equipment: Fluoride&Oxalate Tube
Equipment Type: Pharmaceutical Equipment
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Main Features: ◆Cap Color: Gray ◆Specimen: plasma ◆Anticoagulant: Sodium Fluoride & Potassium Oxalate; Sodium Fluoride & EDTA. ◆Deion: Spray dried ◆Material: Glass or PET ◆Tube Size: 13x75mm, 13x100mm ◆Normal draw volume: 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 6ml ◆Max. Vacuum deviation: ± 10 % ◆Blood specimen storage time: max. 48 h in normal temperature ◆Storage condition: 4-25℃ in well-ventilated environment with relative humidity less than 80%.
Description: The gray cap tubes are utilized for testing blood glucose and lactate. Normally, these tubes contain Sodium Fluoride combined with an anticoagulant such as Potassium Oxalate or EDTA.
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